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Clothing Optional Dinner

Clothing Optional DinnerClothing Optional Dinner is a restaurant for nudists, located in the heart of New York, in Manhattan. Visitors at the entrance of the restaurant will give to the cloak-room not only coats or jackets, but everything else that they have put on, staying completely nude. Well, it is not the must for all the visitors, but it is actually the preferred rule of the restaurant, as its name implies – the clothing is optional during your dinner.


For some people such an idea can seem drastic and unacceptable. And we agree it is an unusual institution «Clothing Optional Dinner» - this is, in essence, another place for nudists, who appear to be bored of the wild beaches and who would like something a little more elegant and refined, a dinner with candles, for example.

The restaurant was opened by a nudist named John Ordover, who himself is a member of New York nudists society. The catering personnel for his quite creative and innovate establishment, he has fond on the internet and also among his true friends. The result is a fancy special restaurant designed and intended for the special visitors as well.

Clothing OptionalDespite such an unusual and maybe even a little too open dress-code of the clients, the working staff of the hotel says nothing unusual or unexpected ever happened, and the people are simply marvelous, behaving themselves properly and safely for the others, while many might feel that in this place one can get into a wild orgy. The middle age of the common restaurant for nudists guests is a little over 40 years, the youngest visitors are thirties ladies and gentlemen, and most of the married.

Interestingly enough, young people are quite rarely the visitors of this place, and most probably they would not be even allowed for such a place. As this place became a real elegant dining institution for people who can show their class without any help of rich clothes. The only thing that these people are different from other people is that they do not like to wear clothes, but that in no way a is cause for some sort of demoralization.

It is also worth mentioning that in this unique place it is only the guests who are nude and may have their dinner without any clothes on. However all the kitchen and catering staff is wearing appropriate clothes. One may think that this is not fair, but these are the health and safety standards, therefore the catering person fully follows them, at the same time not letting the customers feel themselves weird or inappropriate!